Cost Effective Investing

Wealth & Asset Management

Many of our clients look after other members of their family’s investments, such as children’s trusts or a spouse’s ISA. Often it is not cost-effective to manage smaller accounts on an individual basis so we offer a service that is managed on a discretionary basis that pools investors’ assets.

By investing through our Wealth & Asset Management (WAM) Service, you can achieve diversification, which can help reduce volatility regardless of your investment portfolio size.

Bespoke wealth management

At WAM our success story is built upon relationship, trust and word of mouth. Many of our clients have introduced us to members of their family to the extent that we often manage investment portfolios across multiple generations.

Wealth & Asset Management

A choice of three portfolios with different investment objectives that pools your assets with those of others.

Is this right for me?

You have a smaller sum to invest:

Pooling assets into a fund allows you to access our discretionary expertise on a more cost-effective basis.

You are looking for simplicity:

Investing via a collective investment fund means there are no tax implications for the investor when buying and selling within the fund.


You do not require a bespoke service:

Many investors require a portfolio tailored to their needs but for those who don’t, this service can offer a fully diversified portfolio that invests in direct stocks as well as funds.

More information

As a personal service is the hallmark of our success to date, clients of the WAM Service will also have an individual investment manager as their main point of contact. This helps us develop a relationship which means we can adapt as and when your investment objectives change.

What our clients say

I am particularly satisfied with the ease in which I can approach and communicate with my Investment Manager or his assistant.

Not every investor needs a tailored portfolio

Investing via a unitised, or pooled, funds can make investing very simple for those that don’t need a bespoke service.

Mark Scott

Senior Investment Manager