Managing your investments for you

Meeting your goals

A discretionary approach to portfolio management allows you to go about your daily life safe in the knowledge that your financial future is being overseen by our investment professionals.

With an individual approach at the heart of our services, we will manage your portfolio in line with your objectives.

Bespoke wealth management

At WAM our success story is built upon relationship, trust and word of mouth. Many of our clients have introduced us to members of their family to the extent that we often manage investment portfolios across multiple generations.

Trust, confidence and communication

There are several core elements of delivering a quality discretionary portfolio management service, which form the basis of our client relationships:

Is this right for me?

You have limited time to manage your investments:

A discretionary service is suitable for investors who may not have the time and/or experience to manage a portfolio on a day to day basis.

You have CGT considerations:

For investors with CGT considerations using a personalised approach to discretionary portfolio management ensures the tax position on your portfolio is considered.

You want access to a dedicated investment manager:

Our award winning services are based around a personal relationship with an investment manager to your portfolio is managed to your individual requirements.

Private client services brochure

Managing your wealth requires many attributes, from clearly defined goals to sound advice and focussed investment research. But in our opinion, the over-riding element is a personal service.

What our clients say

I feel I am in very safe hands. I am kept informed and communication is excellent. I feel the Firm has my back and I like and trust the people I deal with.

A trusted adviser

To become someone’s trusted adviser you need to ensure you communicate in a manner which your client understands.

Mark Scott

Senior Investment Manager