Pensions & retirement

Realising your retirement dreams

Retirement plans are very individual – some will realise their long held dreams whilst others will wind down to a quieter life and look to help the next generation. Whatever your plans, ensuring your pension pot is managed with the goal of meeting your needs, or drawing down an income in the most appropriate manner is critical.

At WAM we can review your pension provision and guide you through the complex rules around pensions to help you realise your retirement dreams, or to help you start dreaming.

Bespoke wealth management

At WAM our success story is built upon relationship, trust and word of mouth. Many of our clients have introduced us to members of their family to the extend that we often manage investment portfolios across multiple generations.

How can we help?

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Whether your existing pension is within an employer-sponsored scheme, or you want to start a new one, our discretionary services could be appropriate for your pension scheme.

With our focus on providing a personalised approach to managing your portfolio, we can help you ensure your pension arrangements are appropriate for your individual goals.